Posted By Admin on 09/28/17

Isn’t it funny how our perspective on things change throughout our lives? I used to hate vegetables. My parents couldn’t get me to eat anything green no matter how hard they tried. And now, most days, I choose a salad for lunch because I enjoy it more than for any health benefits.

And this too would be how I feel about spankings. I remember being paddled as a child and thinking my parents must be some kind of evil monsters, and swearing I would never inflict that on another person as long as I should live.

Well, as I became an adult I realized there’s nothing that turns me on more than bending a naughty little submissive slut over my knee and paddling her taught little behind into submission. I love seeing the red handprints appear as evidence of my handiwork, and the way she cries out in pathetic sexy little whimpers.

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