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I have this fantasy that might sound a little out there. It all started with a college buddy I used to talk shit to about his mom. She was hot with a nice body for an older woman and her tits were surprisingly in good shape considering she was pushing 60 and had four kids. I used to fuck with my friend and always say things about how I was going to fuck his mom, or about his mom sucking my dick — you know, just things that you say to people when you want to get under their skin, but all in good fun.

One day over Spring break I was at his parents’ house visiting and my friend asked me to go grab him a beer. I responded with, “Sure, right after your mom sucks my dick.” All the sudden I hear his mom say from the doorway, “Okay, but only after I toss your salad.” I had no idea she heard me and my face turned beet red while my buddy just laughed his fucking ass off. I think I jerked off like seven times that night though at the thought of his mom licking my ass and stroking my cock; I couldn’t get her voice out of my head saying she would toss my salad. Ever since then, it’s been my number one fantasy.

I was stoked when I came across this discount to I had no idea this was even a thing that I could find online, but holy shit — these real life and role play vids act out my dirtiest secret fantasy right before my eyes. Not to mention it’s at a discounted price and you get thousands of other videos acting out some other pretty wild niche fantasies. It’s definitely worth checking out and no matter how taboo your tastes go, you’re going to find some hot stuff here!

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