Posted By Karlie on 01/31/19

I’m a kinky guy. I’ve always considered myself to be open-minded and try not to knock things until I’ve tried them. With the advantage of modern technology, there’s a whole world of kink available at our fingertips. I’ve discovered so many wild things that I never imagined were even possible.

For example the other night I came across Anal Sex Dolls and about lost my mind. I can’t even imagine having a doll that supposedly feels just like a human. Always there and ready whenever you want action. No need to take her on dates or blow a bunch of money on her. No need to dress up or pretend to be interested in mutual things. You can just put her in a closet until you’re ready to go, and then pull her out and have your way. You could be as rough as you want and the worst thing that would happen is going too hard and popping her. I’ll never get married or date again. What a wonderful world we live in.

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