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You have to remember that just because there’s difficulty doesn’t necessarily mean that what you’re doing is impossible. There are too many guys out there who think that life owes them something. They think that all this pussy would materialize just because they joined the right website or they downloaded the right mobile dating app. No such thing is going to happen.

You have to take action. I don’t want to sound like a Nike commercial but just do it! Stop thinking about it. Stop fantasizing– stop hoping, and wishing, and dreaming. Let me tell you something. Hoping wishing and dreaming is not going to do shit for you. It’s not going to get your dick sucked. It’s definitely not going to get you laid. All it’s going to do is fill you with all sorts of aspirational emotions and the only thing that you manage to do is kill the present opportunity that you have in front of you for a great future. You can’t live your life that way because eventually you’re going to run out of time. Eventually, you will wake up one day and figure out that you did not live life to your fullest potential.

The third thing that you need to keep in mind regarding surviving online adult dating is that it rewards survivors. It rewards guys who will do whatever it takes for however long it takes. Now, that sounds pretty rough. I know that can probably be interpreted in many fucked up ways but let me spell it out for you. Don’t lie, don’t cheat, and don’t degrade yourself.

The moment you do those things then you are cheating and whatever success you get is going to be short-lived. There are many guys who get a lot of pussy but ultimately, they end up fucking themselves up because they told too many lies. You have to keep your integrity intact. You don’t have to lie just to get your dick sucked. That’s the truth. Women respect the truth. Why? The truth makes you strong. Women respect strong men. That’s what they’re looking for.

Liars are by definition weak. The illusion can only last so long. Base your persona and personality on the strength made possible by the truth and you will find your sex match.

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